Caring for Your Hammock & Cushion

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Using Your Reclining Hammock Chair without the Comfort Cushion

Getting into and out of your Hammock Chair without the Comfort Cushion

Sitting down - Stand as if you were about to sit on a normal chair. Reach behind and spread the hammock netting out before sitting down. Now sit directly down and relax. You will notice how the hammock netting instantly conforms to give your body total support. You can even put your feet inside the hammock edge and push out, so you can stretch out full length.


Standing up - Place your feet under the Hammock Chair, lean forward and stand up. You will notice how easy the Hammock Chair is to get out of. Take care with buckles or buttons which can catch on hammock strings - the optional Comfort Cushion will prevent this from happening and also maintain your hammocks' good looks.

Hammock Care

When leaving a netting hammock outside, caution must be exercised, as unexpected winds can result in cord damage from mechanical abrasion against walls, poles, trees, plants etc. When treated with the appropriate care your netting hammock will provide many years of pleasurable service. Hammock World netting hammocks are very durable and require minimum maintenance. Should you need to wash your hammock, this must be done by hand, but first you have to prepare the hammock netting.

Washing Instructions - Hold the hammock end loops apart in each hand so your hammock hangs vertically – now twist both end loops evenly in similar directions. Once the hammock is fully twisted, tie the end loops firmly together, your hammock is now ready for washing. Hand knead your hammock taking care not to tangle the netting. Rinse well and air dry.

It is advisable to always twist the end loops together when transporting or storing your hammock.

hammock washing

Hammock Cushion Care

Sunbrella® furniture fabric provides the ultimate in fade and stain resistance - even mildew is no match for Sunbrella® fabric. For over 50 years, Sunbrella® has been the leader in performance outdoor fabric, so you can relax with the peace of mind that comes with Hammock Worlds' quality and ease of maintenance.

During manufacturing, Sunbrella® fabric is treated to resist dirt and stains. In most cases, Sunbrella® fabric can be spot cleaned by sponging with mild soap and warm water. DO NOT IRON OR DRY CLEAN - Sunbrella® fabric is heat sensitive.

For further cleaning advise visit Sunbrella® cleaning guides -

Storing your Comfort Cushion - When not in use, the Comfort Cushion is best stored vertically in a closet using a clothes hanger. Hang the Cushion by the 'pillow straps', this will allow air to circulate around the Cushion and the polyester fill to retain its' loft.

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