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How to Install Your Hammocks Correctly

Installing Your Reclining Hammock Chair

The Reclining Hammock Chair can be hung from any overhead beam or tree limb. The height clearance required is 2.4 metres. If the beam or tree limb is higher than 2.4 metres, a rope or chain can be used and adjusted to suspend the Hammock Chair. If the height available is less than the required 2.4 metres, the spreader bar rope can be shortened to adjust the hammock seat to a convenient distance off the ground. This is normally knee height.

The spreader bar knot is a non – slip ‘easy to undo’ knot, which can always be retied. To adjust – shorten the rope at one end only. Loosen the knot and pull the rope through until the correct length is obtained, then retie the knot. When retying the knot, it is important to always leave a 4cm rope tail for safety – cut off the surplus rope then burn and seal the rope end. Finally, readjust the snap link, so the spreader bar is always suspended horizontally.


Spreader Bar knot


Swivel Snap connection

The Hammock Loop Attachment

When connecting the hammock ‘loops’ on to the ends of the spreader bar, the rope knot must always be positioned on the outside of the loop. This will ‘lock’ the Hammock Chair on to the spreader bar. To achieve this it may first be necessary to pull the rope knot to obtain some slack rope. The knot can now be passed through the hammock loop before sliding the loop onto the bar end – the rope can now be re-tensioned. The spreader bar must always suspend horizontally when the Hammock Chair is being used – the rope bend at the swivel snap can always be readjusted to level the spreader bar.


To attach Hammock Recliner to spreader bar


A handy repair knot

Conveniently Portable

The Hammock Chair with Spreader Bar will hang from any strong tree or sturdy overhead beam, and can be relocated according to your mood. The single suspension point is a unique feature, requiring minimum hanging space - just follow the sun in winter, the shade in summer, or your mood anytime to your favourite ‘chill-out’ location.

When setting up your Hammock Chair without a Spreader Bar, the maximum distance between the hammock ‘loops’ must be no greater than 150cm apart - the minimum distance is 120cm.

Reclining Hammock Indoors


Hanging Mayan Hammocks

The Classic and Single Hammocks are supplied with attachment ropes, which offer plenty of scope for adjustment. Mayan Hammocks are designed to hang loose between hanging points – these hammocks are not intended to be pulled tight like a trampoline!

The ideal distance between the two hanging points is approximately 13 feet (4 meters) at a hanging height of 5 feet (1.5 meter). If the distance between to two hanging points is greater than 13 feet (4 meters), the hanging height will need to increase by a ratio of 2 : 1. This means that when the horizontal distance increases by 2 ft (600 cms) the height will need to increase by approximately 1ft (300 cms).

If the distance between the two hanging points is less than 11 1/2 feet (3.5 meters) these Mayan Hammocks will hang in a U shape. This is the traditional way hammocks are used by the Indigenous Peoples of Central and South America. To avoid the centre of the hammock touching the ground, the hanging height will need to increase.


Quick Reference

3.3m (11 ft) wide : 1.8m (6 ft) high recommended support width – 4.0m (13 ft)
4.0m (13 ft) wide : 1.5m (5 ft) high minimum support height – 1.5m ( 5 ft)
5.2m (17 ft) wide : 1.8m (6 ft) high over 4.0m (13 ft) wide – increase support height by ratio 2:1
6.4m (21 ft) wide : 2.1m (7 ft) high under 3.5m (11 1/2 ft) wide – increase support height by ratio 1:1


All components have been tested for load bearings strength. However, Hammock World recommends that customers periodically check all suspension points and hanging systems for wear and tear. Renew and replace all worn materials. Be Hammock Wise.

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