Studies Confirm Hammock Health Benefits

Relaxing in a Hammock is Good for Your Health

Hammock World Hammocks are positively ‘dynamic’, the hammock netting changes shape to conform to any body size or shape, providing support with no pressure points. This ability to conform makes Hammock World Hammocks the most comfortable and therapeutic hammocks for personal wellbeing available in Australia.

Our netting hammocks are woven useing a technique known as 'sprang' weaving. This weaving technique was developed over 3,500 years ago and is still used today by the Maya Indians of Central America to weave the netting of our hammocks. The threads or cords of the hammock are not knotted, which enables the netting to change shape and conform to the users' body shape. This provides a level of comfort impossible to obtain with western furniture, which will always require the body to change shape, to fit the furniture!

Sprang Weaving

Sprang Weaving

Relaxing in a Hammock World hammock is truly 'out of this world' and has to be experienced to be believed. Every part of the body in contact with the hammock netting has support. There are no pressure points and this experience is known as 'neutral gravity'. This is the closest feeling to the sensation of 'weightlessness', available on terra firma - in zero gravity, the body will assume a 'neutral body position'. When relaxing in our Reclining Hammock the netting will provide the body with a level of support which mimics this 'neutral body position' - a posture similar to the fetal position, with "head facing slightly forward, shoulders rolled forward, abdominal area slightly bent at the waist and knees slightly bent".

Studies have been done on the therapeutic benefits of relaxing in a hammock. Sufferers of neck and back pain seeking natural remedies rather than medicating pain, are able to gain relief and lessen their discomfort while relaxing in our Reclining Hammock. This is due to the hammock netting changing shape and supporting the bodys' weight evenly, which enables muscular tension and stress held within the body to be released.

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It is well known that excess stress is detrimental to health, so anything we can do to reduce stress in our lives, will be beneficial. Relaxing in a Reclining Hammock is a great way to relieve stress naturally, the gentle swaying motion of the hammock will promote relaxation for body and mind, and reduce anxiety levels.

There are even therapeutic benefits for those who already have good health - studies have also shown that the gentle swaying motion of a hammock stimulates brain activity!

Whatever the reason for being drawn to our Reclining Hammock, be it for therapy or just 'time out', try power napping - you will be amazed at the therapeutic benefits available to everyone.

We continue to receive Testimonials which support the above claims. Here are a selected few -

"I was born with Spina Bifida and have had to spend most of my life in a wheel chair because I am paraplegic. I now enjoy time in my Hammock Chair because I find it so relaxing and the netting gives my body great support. This helps relieve stress on my pressure points and improves my circulation. I try useing my Reclining Hammock regularly, so long as I can keep other members of my family out of it, because they love it too!" Lisa.

"Relaxing in my Reclining Hammock is fabulous for my back, which is often sore. The feeling is like going back to the womb - you become weightless!" Amanda.

"I am relaxing here in pure luxury under our plum tree, in my Reclining Hammock, writing to thank you. I am not sure I have felt so at peace since my darling Barty died, as when I lie here." Jo.

"My Reclining Hammock is just the best - there is no better way, at the end of the day, to ease away, any cares or stress, than to unwind in my hammock. The netting supports every bit of my body when reclining. I can relax so much that I am changing my room around, so I can suspend the Hammock Recliner indoors during the winter months." Georgina.

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